Personal Narrative: The Gold Coast

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The Gold Coast, it sounds so remarkable, a place where any person will dream to grow up. A place where there are no limitations to what you can be. A place which is ranked one of the highest income counties in the United States. The Gold Coast is no other than Fairfield County. This place is one of the only places I know. This is my home, which means I should have every opportunity out there, but it seems as it is actually harder for a person of my demographics. While I come from what may seem to be a great place it’s never that easy. Ever since I was a child I swore that I will make it. I will leave this place and never turn back. Although there is a lot of money in this area my city is always left out. Bridgeport, Ct is the black sheep,…show more content…
It’s not like my family is filled with a whole bunch of illiterate people. Trust me my family is filled with very smart people. The sad part is they weren’t given the chances to complete high school. For example my mother had an untimely pregnancy which limited her ability to attend school regularly which eventually led to her having to drop out. These stories continue throughout my family and the list goes on. In no way shape or form am I trying to make excuses. I believe everything happens for a reason. While I attended high school I had the support of my six brothers and sisters many aunts and uncles. They all supported whatever I did and helped me in every way possible. If I needed a notebook or a pen or a book bag they would go out and buy it. In return it was my job to do well in school. I held my end of the bargain and I brought academic success to my family on June, 10, 2010. That was one of the most memorable days in my life. It was the building blocks and the first step on the road to my…show more content…
These schools are both good academic schools and they are known throughout the country. I will focus on my studies more than anything with just one goal in my mind. The main goal will be graduation. We are human and I know there will be many obstacles and there will be times where I may want to give up. But you have to be mentally strong to achieve your goals in this life. We can only hurt ourselves or help ourselves and I am going to help myself. I am eager to complete school so I can enter my job field. It is my dream to become a CT State Trooper. This job just fits my criteria in every way possible. Again this will not be easy to achieve but which the right support I know I can achieve this. The main reason I want to do this is because I want to work on the gold coast and I want to give the kids hope that they can be whatever they want. I want to be able to get some kids off the streets and show them that there is a whole a lot out there for them. I want them to know they have the same chance as their competition. I hope I can make a change on their lives by opening their eyes. The streets will always be there but there’s always a chance that you

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