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Shakir Ahmed Mr. Ercolani U.S. History I Honors September 4, 2013 Similarities and Differences between the United States and Great Britain Since the declaring of independence on 1776, the United States has transformed into one of the world’s strongest powers. Great Britain, who owned the United States before that time, had a different civilization compared to the present. From the 17th century to the 18th century, Great Britain was much different and at that time it began to change for the good. The world sees the United States of America differently than what they saw before. To begin with, Great Britain in the early-1600s, Great Britain and Scotland have been ruled by Scottish kings for the past thirty years since the death of Queen…show more content…
First of all, the British began to recognize their rights such as freedom of speech and understand the elderly and disabled need help from government because of their inability to work. They understand everyone is equal, including blacks. Even though slavery wasn’t banned in Great Britain until the early 1800s, abolition movements increased drastically and pressured the monarchy government. People fought over what rights they really had. The high tax prices Great Britain charged were ridiculous and people began to protest. They understood that if they the people rebel in unison the government stands no chance. Another similarity between Great Britain from the 1600s to the 1700s to the United States of America today is the rapid growth of technology. Great Britain was the first to undergo the Industrial Revolution which was a time where factories, roads, and job opportunities opened. Other things were found that could power machines up. Today, although it’s not as rapid as the growth in the Industrial Revolution, technology and construction is improving at a fast rate. Phones seem like they’re at the peak of their ability to grow, but there’s still room for improvement. Roads are being improved as well as buildings. And most importantly, the United States and Great Britain listen to their people. Unlike the totalitarian governments, these countries appreciate diversity and respect its people.

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