America Declaration Of Independence

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AFRICA AND THE DOMINIONS To what extent did the Americans’ Declaration of Independence emerge from a failure of British Policy? BY Ademola Adebiyi Tutors name: Jane Ridley America gained independence from Great Britain on the 4 of june1776 after the American Revolution; the American Revolution was regarded as one of the greatest movements in human history. The revolution that took place in America had been argued to be triggered by varies of event happening in America and around the world at that period of time, some Americans argue that it was their uprising that allowed the British to give them their freedom while on the other hand some English historians believe it was due to their mistake they lost America but what lead to the outcome of the American Revolution can be traced back to the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and many other obstacles. In this essay, I will argue that the American’s Revolution was the making of Great Britain herself by observing the steps Great Britain took during their period in America and others underlying events that lead to one of the Greatest Revolution in history. England during the seventeenth had got more countries under their control than their European counterpart especially France, which them to be regarded as Great Britain especially after their unification with Scotland. Great Britain was in America with the claim to protect them from the French, before turning her to one of their colonies. Great Britain has been with colonial wars with France for a long period of time, they see the French as potential rival in the colonial market, especially in control of America. The two countries engaged in a sever years’ War (1756-63), with the victor y of Great Britain but it caused them lots of money, the British government considered the American colonies should contribute to the reduction of that debt, t
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