Good Leaders Essay

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A mark of a good leader is someone who demonstrates high standards of ethics and is willing to do community service. To me, 21st century leadership is about courage, creativity and faith in people. It is a values-based leadership. Sustainability opportunities and challenges are so complex that tomorrow's leaders will need essential qualities to achieve success. They need to have systems thinking to identify paradigms driving change, decisiveness in ever changing environments with blurred boundaries, and vision rooted in community service and ethical behavior. When looking at those essential qualities, being rooted in the community service and ethical is the most important. Community service helps influence, power, and input into public decision-making. Leaders who are involved in the community are able to learn new skills, increase productivity, help the environment, and also have a chance to meet new people. While doing community service, you gain the sense of community, how to work with groups of people, and your perspective of how things are viewed. Along with community service, ethics in leadership is very important. Business leaders must make decisions that will not only benefit them, but also they must think about how the other people will be affected. The best leaders make known their values and their ethics. It shows in their leadership style and actions. They keep their operational focus on producing a quality product, rather than being bogged down by trying to publicize the product. Being involved in community service and having high standards of ethics is a major role that makes a leader that best he or she can be. Getting involved in the community, making decisions that benefit not just you but others, and helping your followers grow are many ways that develop leaders. The 21st century need more leaders that are willing to join together and makes this
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