Goal Oriented Questions

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1. The competitiveness of baseball and wanting to win. 2. A team has to have a leader and the team has to work well together. 1. Performance anxiety when up at bat. 2. Yes for the past 2 years. 3. I got into bad habits by having to use a heavier bat at age 13. Goal Oriented Questions 1. I would like to feel more confident and relaxed in the batters box. Also I want to be talked about this summer at perfect game. I want to be consistent in the batters box. 2. I want people to be talking about the way I hit like the way they talk about my defensive skills. To come up to bat in a pressure situation and pull through and not feel anxious. Last inning, tie game, man on second and driving in the winning run as…show more content…
Keeping up to everyone’s expectations as a 9th grader. Having so much confidence that I’m hoping to be in a spot with the game on the line. F. My overall mindset on both sides offensively and defensivly would be inn balance. G. I just did my best and everything I could and I was not worried about it. If I could walk away from every game like this that would be great. I could walk away with my head held high and this would make me feel good. Resource Retrieval Questions 1. In Florida vs. Puerto Rico 2 summers ago I made a triple play and my team was down and the bases were loaded with no outs. 2. When I hit the walk off hit against the warriors to win the game. 3. I’m confident when it comes to defense and I have smooth hands and great footwork and I know that when the ball is hit to me I will make the play. 4. My mental side of the game on offense. 5. A. Extra hitting lessons and I have spoken to a family counselor because I was subconsciously not swinging at the ball to hopefully work out a walk. B. I did have temporary success. 6. I have never spoken to a sports psychologist just a family counselor and she said I had sticky brain and helped me overcome some of those

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