Glass Castle Chapter Summary

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Jeannette and her siblings were raised by their parents to not believe in Santa Clause as it was nothing more than just a myth. As Rex loses his job at the mining field he does not have money to buy the children gifts for Christmas so he takes them out one by one and gives them a star in the sky as Jeannette chose Venus. As Rose is soon to deliver, the family moves to another town in California that is more suitable for them at the moment. The parents soon to begin to argue in the car because Rex believes that Rose is ridiculous for a claiming that her children are delivered later than other children do. Rose gets mad and jumps out of the car and heads away from the road and into the desert as Rex suddenly drives off the road to get her back. As the children settle in the new town they start school and Jeannette is disliked for being smart and is attacked by children on the way walking home. The next day Brian defends her at school but soon enough are both beaten up because they are out numbered. As the family now drives through the new town, a police officer is pursuing them to pull over because of a broken taillight. With no registration and insurance, Rex guns it through the town to lose the police officer and eventually does. The family moves to Battle Mountain, Rex gets a job at the local mine and Maureen is well on her way through life. Enrolled in a new school Jeanette keeps quiet trying to avoid discrimination from children again, as Rex believes she’s not putting in the effort anymore and makes her do her homework in binary numbers. Jeannette falls in love with the rocks at Battle Mountain and begins to collect them. As the family goes to a hot spring Rex teaches Jeanette how to swim as she almost unwillingly drowns she gets frustrated and pulls back and throws a tantrum. Rex soon enough apologizes and explains his actions of pushing her. Rex loses
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