Cycle Of Life After Life In Gabrielle Zevin's Elsewhere

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Cycle of life Is after life the next thing after death? Liz does not believe it but has to. Liz is the protagonist of the book “Elsewhere” Liz has died from a car accident; the next moment she woke up she was on a boat so she forgot everything and she thought she was in a dream. Sadly she needs to wake up from this dream and realize that all of this is real. She always finds ways to go back but always fails. Finally she realized that she can’t try to go back and she should try to keep going forward. In the novel “Elsewhere “written by Gabrielle Zevin, the author shows that if one makes a mistake, do not try to fix it, continue with your life through the use of symbols, characters and conflicts. There are many symbols in this novel that teaches…show more content…
Finally she did but now she regrets that she didn’t move on because she put her family in a hard position. When she first arrived at elsewhere she wanted to kill herself by crashing into a retaining wall using a car, but fortunately in elsewhere you can’t kill yourself because their age will rewind and she will get younger so she can’t kill herself even if she tries to. “Liz drives the car in to the exit’s concrete retaining wall” (Zevin 53) but nothing happens to then or the car. It makes her frustrated, because she had many things she finally can and want to do when she turns 16, but she died a few months before she turned 16 and this is something really hard for Liz to forget but she has to because she can’t go back and she has to move on. Later on she remembers that she still has a sweater to give her dad so she makes another trip to the well again and this time she finally dived into the ocean but this has caused her and her family more trouble. When Liz was at the well she told her family “IT’S LIZ. THERE’S SOME THING FOR DAD UNDER THE FLOORBOARDS IN MY CLOSET” (Zevin 144) to her brother. This caused them to misunderstand and Liz’s dad thought Liz’s brother was making a joke and wanted to hit him when he doesn’t believe in hitting. So now Liz has caused more trouble to her family because she tries to go fix something in the past. This proves that you shouldn’t go back because trouble and you might hurt someone by accident. (Refer back to

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