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The movie Girl, Interrupted is based on the author, Susanna Kaysen’s, 18 month stay in a mental institution during the 1960’s. Throughout the film multiple characters are introduced all of whom posses their own unique psychological disorder. The two main characters in the movie were Lisa Rowe diagnosed with Antisocial personality disorder and Susanna Kaysen with borderline personality disorder. To further understand borderline I briefly speak about Susanna’s disorder but was personally intrigued and focused on Lisa’s antisocial personality disorder. In Girl Interrupted, Susanna Kaysen was the new patient at the institution diagnosed with BPD. She shows that she possesses borderline personality disorder through her self-mutilation, identity disturbance, mood swings, chronic emptiness and boredom, and impulsive behavior. Susanna is very confused as to who she is as a person, which is a clear implication of borderline personality disorder. In fact, when she kisses her peer Lisa, she shows us her unsure state of her sexual identity; whether she is straight, bisexual, or homosexual. Another way her uncertainty of her identity is shown is when it is revealed that she had no friends in high school. This illustrates her uncertainty because having no friends, implies she did not know how to express herself appropriately, which shows her inner confliction of who she is as a person. In the movie Angelina Jolie plays the part of Lisa Rowe a woman diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder or more commonly known a sociopath. This antisocial personality disorder involves a lack of ethical or moral development. Some common characteristics of a sociopath or someone with antisocial personality disorder include a lack of remorse, empathy, morality, or identity. Furthermore individuals with this disorder often exhibit consistent

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