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Abnormal Psychology Please answer the following questions completely using your notes or text when needed to justify your answers. 1. After watching the film, why do you think the movie title is Girl, Interrupted? The movie was titled girl interrupted because the character Suzanna had her life put on hold so she can go to this mental institution and while she was there she made friends with Lisa who was causing her to become worse but as soon as Lisa was out of the picture she started to show progress which was being interrupted by Lisa. 2. Susanna was given an admitting diagnosis of Borderline personality Disorder. Can you think of another diagnosis that would also fit the symptoms Susanna was presenting? Please state the diagnosis and list three characteristics of the diagnosis. I think she may have been suffering from severe depression. She was experiencing recurring thoughts of death. She attempted to kill herself a few times throughout the film. She was also indecisive. 3. What is the significance of the scene in which Nurse Valerie and Susanna have harsh words in the bathroom? Was this a breakthrough for Susanna? At this moment I think Susanna realized that she was not progressing forward with her treatment and she had only been getting worse, she started Imitating Lisa’ s behavior. 4. What is the significance of Daisy’s suicide? What impact did it have on Susanna? Daisy’s suicide was significant in that it made Susanna realize that death was not the answer she broke down when she found her because that could have been her if she would have been successful in committing suicide. On the night before her release, Susanna’s writings were revealed to everyone and she became very angry with Lisa. What therapeutic purpose did this serve for Susanna? For Lisa? For the others? Do

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