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Girl Interrupted Essay

  • Submitted by: emily34
  • on January 21, 2011
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Originally a book, the movie Girl Interrupted is based on the author, Susanna Kaysen’s, 18 month stay in a mental institution during the 1960’s. Throughout the film multiple characters are introduced all of whom posses their own unique psychological disorder.
In Girl Interrupted, Angelina Jolie plays the part of Lisa Rowe a woman diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder or more commonly known a sociopath. This personality disorder involves a lack of ethical or moral development. Some common characteristics of a sociopath or someone with antisocial personality disorder include a lack of anxiety, guilt, morality, or identity. Furthermore individuals with this disorder often exhibit irresponsible and impulsive behavior; they have difficulty maintaining interpersonal relations, and possess an extreme reject of authority. On a more positive note they are often socially impressive and charming.
The character Lisa Rowe can be classified as a sociopath. Her doctor documents in her chart that she has increasingly severe highs and lows, a controlled relationship with her parents and no response to medication. Lisa is infamous among the other patients for her frequents escapes from the institution or as Lisa refers to them “vacations.” Simply put, Lisa sees nothing abnormal or strange about the life she leads. She successfully knows how to manipulate the staff and her fellow patients. Furthermore she proves to have the most influence on the patients and their actions. Jolie portrays the charming characteristics of her character through her ability to form a close relationship with the main character Susanna Kaysen. Furthermore, the character of Lisa is incredibly insightful regarding other people’s personalities and characteristics. When staying with Daisy, Lisa calls her out on every issue occurring in her life. She correctly analyzes Daisy’s life and situation so much so that Daisy winds up committing suicide. Moreover, Lisa displays no empathy or morality when she...

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