Girl, Interrupted

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Shoshana Ubertini English 101C 21 November 2000 Girl Interrupted Have you ever watched a movie and then found out it was created from a book? That’s what happened to me, I saw the movie Girl Interrupted, starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie. I then heard that it was made from a book itself. So for this assignment, I decided to read the book and compare and contrast it from the movie. The movie, Girl Interrupted is about an eighteen-year-old girl, named Susanna Kaysen. She spent two years on the ward for teenage girls in a psychiatric hospital as renowned for its famous clients-Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell, James Taylor, and Ray Charles. The movie clearly defines the worlds perceptive of a mental hospital, and what goes on there. The yelling, screaming, and carrying on with the patients and nurses, is all of what is perceived to happen at a psychiatric hospital. In the book, its more in detail, the words carefully chosen, effectively creates a mental picture as you read the book. Susanna was put there on request by her doctor, to rest, and to get better mentally. She was hallucinating, and was depressed and suicidal at times. There isn’t much difference between the movie and the book. I was expecting there to be a world of difference, but there wasn’t. In the movie, there was racial difference, where as the head nurse in the book was small and white, and in the movie, it was Whoopi Goldberg, now everyone knows she is big and black. The detail that was in the book wasn’t necessarily shown in the movie. The story line was the same, in the book and in the movie. The story of Girl Interrupted, was basically this, its about a girl who is admitted into a psychiatric hospital. It’s about all the things she experiences there and the people she meets. While reading the book, you the reader, really get a sense of how someone in that situation is feeling. Where as in the
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