Girl, Interrupted

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Girl, Interrupted “Girl, Interrupted” is an extraordinary film screened in the late nineties. It is based on Susanna Kaysen`s book, which tells us about a young girl Susanna and her sojourn in Claymore psychiatric hospital. This film tells us rather about the reasons that made the main character to recover than about the very process of recovery. The most distinguishing feature of this film is that it provides us with obvious examples of various mental illnesses and in a way shows us the mental health care system from within. “Girl, Interrupted” raises a lot of essential questions, but hardly gives any simple, clear-cut answers. We may say that this film questions the existence of mental illnesses itself. The reason, why the main character of the film, Susanna is staying in the mental hospital is an impulsive attempt to commit suicide by taking a lot of aspirin with a bottle of vodka. Instead of becoming a student of the prestigious Ivy League college, Susanna has a will-o'-the-wisp dream to become a writer. A couple of years before the events described in the movie, she took an overdose had her stomach pumped. Strange, as it may seem but we know nothing about her family, relatives or friends. She voluntarily checks herself into the psychiatric hospital and at first seems to be the sanest patient in the institution. However soon after this she demands to be discharged. Susanna is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder that is characterized by emotional disturbance. However, her conduct in Claymore suggest that she`s not the one who wants to be treated: she has sex with her boyfriend during his visits to the hospital and kisses with the young attendant. Patients and diagnoses Most of the other patients in the hospital are clearly worse off than Susanna. Daisy and Lisa are perhaps the most interesting supporting
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