Psychoanalysis of Marilyn Monroe's Personality

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An Analysis of Marilyn Monroe (Psychoanalysis Theory of Sigmund Freud) In our generation today, we all revolve around the world of show business and entertainment. Actors became our heroes and actresses became models in our lives. The one who is considered as the most iconic figure in the Hollywood world and the most famous sex symbol of all times is none other than Norma Jeane Mortensen, or what we all know as Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was well-known for her looks, her style, her sense of vulnerability and sensuality, and for her skirt-flying picture. But the most interesting about Monroe is her still unsolved murder or suicide death in her room, naked and full of drugs. A lot of celebrities have struggled drug abuse like Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Robert Downey, Jr. Some just wanted to do drugs, some needed the drugs, but some just have suffered from psychological illnesses. So what is Marilyn Monroe’s story? Norma Jeane Mortensen experienced a difficult childhood. She never knew her father, and her mother, Gladys, developed mental illness and was eventually placed in a mental institution. (Being Marilyn, 2010) Since Monroe’s mother is not capable of taking care of her, she was passed on to a series of orphanage houses and foster families. Some of these families are a friend or a relative of her mother. It is said that she had lived in a total of 11 foster homes throughout her youth, and when there was no family who would foster her, she would sometimes end up at the Hollygrove Orphanage in Los Angeles. (, 2013) In some of these foster homes, Norma Jeane was abused; sexually, mentally, and physically. Marilyn Monroe was born after divorcing with her first husband, Jim Doughtery. Norma Jeane Mortenson changed her personal

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