Giants Vs Yankees

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Giants versus Yankees When people think of baseball, thoughts of the Yankees, Babe Ruth, and the San Francisco Giants begin to fill their heads. The New York Yankees and San Francisco Giants have so much baseball tradition flowing through their veins that when they play it feels like a clash of the titans. It is this sense of tradition that makes these two teams so similar, but how they are run and what their team is made up of that makes them so different. Comparing and contrasting these two teams will essentially be breaking down the game of baseball itself. One of the first similarities between the Giants and Yankees is their location. Both New York and San Francisco are major port cities in the United States. Not only do they both have mass amounts of trade commerce go through there everyday, but also a huge amount of people in a very small area. When one walks around the cities of New York and San Francisco, skyscrapers surround them while people and taxis fill the streets and sidewalks. New York has its infamous Times Square and San Francisco has its Union Square. Although New York is on a bit bigger scale than Frisco, they are similar in so many ways. These two teams essentially represent the East and West coast and it is for this reason that they have always shared a sort of hate for each other. The east and west coast have different mindsets and ways of life, so when these two teams play, it is like they are fighting for their way of life. The last thing that these two cities share in common are that they are both home to the two best teams in baseball, the Giants and Yankees. In addition to these two teams being similar in location, they are also similar in that they both have the best closers in the league. A closer is a pitcher who comes into the game in the last inning to essentially “close” out the game. The Giants who have one of the most

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