Essay On Freudian Baseball

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Zachary Fogle 2/19/13 A.P. English 12 Freudian Baseball Freudian Baseball Baseball is an American past time, a staple of society just as much as apple pie and the Fourth of July. It comes to no surprise that the rules of baseball are almost nationally known perhaps more so then the current vice president or the current economic situation. However what if the rules of baseball were left to the famous doctor Sigmund Freud to decide? How would the national past time hold up under the creation of Freud instead of the legendary Mr. Doubleday. Baseball is a game that is played mainly between two people with others getting involved only if one side is triumphant over another. It is a pitcher and a batter who have to duel it out before any other action can take place. The fielders are only there to support the pitcher should he need it. Lastly there are those who govern the entire game, the umpires who have final…show more content…
The distance at which the trampoline is placed from the batter who is also the thrower is in direct correlation to the distance of the line that is to be hit past. The game starts with the batter/ thrower, hucking the ball into the trampoline so that it bounces back and is in a good position to be hit. The batter/thrower will then pick up the bat and attempt to hit the ball that he just pitched past the aforementioned line. If the ball is to fall past said line a point is scored, and if not then an out is administered. In total there are 69 pitches to be thrown and in order to be the victor of Freudian baseball one must successfully hit 35 balls past the line. As previously stated Freudian Baseball is subject to a good deal of scrutiny and since this is a one man game, the tallying of the game can be skewed to benefit the player. However players who see it fit, are once again only cheating
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