Gender and Language in the Workplace

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1. Introduction Men are from Mars and women from Venus. This was the title of a book in 1992 and nowadays is still used as a metaphor in order to indicate the big difference between men and women. Men and women often express their frustrations about the other gender. They both behave differently and there are a lot of theories on the differences between men and women. These theories are all based on generalizations because it is impossible to say that all men and all women act in the same way. Not only the behavior of men and women differs significantly, the ways in which they communicate can be seen as two different languages. This causes a lot of miscommunication between men and women. 2. Problem Analysis Miscommunication can be experienced in a relationship between men and women in the field of love, friendship or family. However in the past few years women are more likely to find a job and to work on a career, which means that more women can be found in the work place. Men and women working together can cause great results for an organization because this provides a variety of ideas. However the cooperation cannot be smoothly all the time, whereas ideas and the way of communicating of men and women differ significantly. This could be crucial for work related results, because tensions are never effective in the workplace. This paper will review the communication way of men and women in the work place as a manager and discussed which communication way has a better influence eventually on the results of an organization. 3. Research Design 3.1 Central research question ‘Which gender type has a better influence as a manager on the results of an organization, taking in consideration the language use?’ 3.2 Sub questions 1. What are the main language differences of men and women? 2.
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