Sex Lies And Burt Lancaster

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Sex, Lies, and Burt Lancaster One subject that I’ve always found fascinating is communications. Whether it’s between two people or a thousand, there’s something that I just find intriguing about how people get ideas across to one another. To me the most interesting type of communication is that between males and females. Reading Deborah Tannen’s essay, “Sex, Lies, and Conversation” has only further developed that interest and deepened my understanding of the subject. In the essay Tannen discusses how men and women communicate very differently and how it affects our everyday lives. She gives real world examples, provides evidence for her claims, and genuinely makes a compelling argument on the vastly different ways men and women go about socializing. She discusses how when men are alone with women they tend to not talk as much, body language men and women use, and how women fear being pushed away while men aren’t in touch with their feelings at all. It’s clear through the essay, as I said before, that Tannen has done her homework on the subject and that it would be difficult to make a case against any of her points. This is why I found it interesting that in the academy award winning film From Here to Eternity, the males and females exhibited behavior that was completely contrary to Tannen’s findings. It seems as if for each of Tannen’s main points there is a counterexample in the film. Let’ take a closer look and compare the 2 stories on cross gender communication. For the first of Tannen’s point we look to how Tannen claims that talk is more important to women than it is to men in one on one situations. Tannen says in the actual essay, “In my own research, complaints from women about their husbands most often focused not on tangible inequities...Instead they focused on communication: ‘He doesn’t listen to me”.(Tannen 101) Tannen goes on to talk about how

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