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Anthony DiDonato Contemporary Catholic Theology Dr. Hahanenberg October 18 2012 Gay Marriage and American Catholicism A happy couple living in Ohio has been together for 10 years. They both lead very successful lives and come from Catholic upbringings. They have dreamed of getting married for years, however, their dream has been shattered due to one complication, they are both women. They are the same sex, and by state law and the Catholic Church, it is forbidden for people of the same-sex get married. Although the church teaches the idea that same-sex marriage is wrong, I believe that marriage is a right that should not be denied to any person. In America, same-sex marriage has been a controversial issue that has never been universally…show more content…
Although it recognizes that same-sex partners might be committed to one another and even love one another, they do not fit the definition of marriage. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, "marriage is the lifelong partnership of mutual and exclusive fidelity between a man and a the good of the spouses and the procreation and education of children" (CITE) Because partners in a same-sex union are not able to create children, their relationship cannot be viewed as a marriage in the Church. The Conference of Catholic Bishops does not approve of the wording used in Marriage Equality Act because it changes the historic definition and understanding of the institution of marriage. They have said that, "Redefining marriage has nothing to do with civil rights" and "With respect for the dignity of every person, we proclaim this truth and we will be faithful to its all that we say and do" (CITE…show more content…
By eliminating the separate but equal status of civil unions, a new age in which all married homosexual couples can be happily married and garner the same legal benefits and responsibilities that traditional marriages boast. Religion does not appear to be as flexible in their tolerance of gay marriage as the government. I still believe that one day all the intolerance and injustices faced by the homosexual community will be overcome and they will surely not be

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