Gay Marriage vs the Bible

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Running head: Gay Marriage vs. The Bible: Hypocrisy of Love Gay Marriage vs. the Bible: Hypocrisy of Love Abstract The Bible as it is been taught throughout history as well as today is filled with numerous misinterpretations, mistranslations of key words, omissions of crucial information, and misconstrued ideas. Due to these many contradictions, society has created intolerance and hatred toward homosexuality. Through personal communication with a church pastor, credible books and sources on the Bible and homosexuality, the Bible has been analyzed in every verse containing homosexual behavior and proved unworthy of its word and content. The words of the Bible as they have been translated from language to language have been proven unjustly and their meaning no longer holds true valor to the argument that homosexuality is wrong in the eyes of God. It is clear to see the changes that occur in the meaning of scriptures as the verses are restated in their true context without outside influence set upon them. The end result proving that society has been taught through smoke filled mirrors the lessons and laws of the Bible. Making it easy to point fingers at those unnatural without truth and living a life where their own stones are overturned without consequence. With these facts, gay marriage should not be considered an abomination nor a sin. . Gay Marriage vs. the Bible: Hypocrisy of Life The dream of every young girl is to one day stand before her family, friends, and God and commit her life in marriage to the one she loves. However, the dream of marriage for homosexuals is tarnished with acts of hatred, homophobia, and constant hypocrisy from those that interpret the Bible in a manner that benefits their own personal beliefs and understanding. This is a country based on freedom of religion, yet the religion in which this country was founded on,
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