Friedman Family Assessment

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Friedman Family Assessment William Harrison NUR/405 July 16, 2012 Kimberly Hall Friedman Family Assessment Identifying Data • The Family name is Costa • They reside in Apple Valley CA. • The family consists of the mother and two children. The mother is forty-five years old, the son is 20, and the daughter is 18. • The family is polygamous • All members of the family identify as White • The mother and daughter attend a non-denominational church on a regular basis. The son does not identify with any religion. However, he states that he does believe in God. • The family is living is living at the poverty level. The mother is working full-time but only making slightly more than minimum wage. Neither of the children are working at this time. • The family does manage to spend quality time together during leisure time. The community offers many free/low-cost activities that they enjoy together. These include, free concerts, farmers markets, camping, and fishing. Developmental Stage and History of Family • Family is the launching stage of family development. Children our grown but still unable to care for them selves financially. • Both children have graduated from high school. The son is working part time and spends very little time with the family. The daughter is not working and has no plans for the future at this time. This is an area of concern for the mother. • Both children have completed the expected developmental task. They have reached the launching phase of development. • The nuclear family history has been a difficult one. The mother and father have been divorced twice. The first divorce was in response to domestic violence toward the mother. The mother and father reconciled 2 years later and re-married. This time it only lasted about one year before the violence returned.

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