Family Health Assessment

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Family Health Assessment Stephanie Pohle RN Grand Canyon University Family Health Assessment This paper is focused on a family health assessment using the 11 functional health patterns. This writer interviewed a family and based on the outcome of the assessment, wellness diagnosis were made that will be presented following the findings. The assessment is used to identify areas of lifestyle risky behavior, health and knowledge deficits. The report will provide sufficient information to create a knowledge base of areas that need improvement. The family being assessed consists of a Single Man 54 years old that has never married. There are two male children with different mothers. The oldest is 22 years old and has always lived with his father. The youngest child is 13 years old and has always lived his mother and recently a new step-father. The father has partial custody of the younger son with overnights every other weekend and one day mid-week. The custody is very lax and they allow the child to choose when he wants to visit his father. The father has always been self-employed and earns lower middle class salary. He does not have health insurance for himself or his older son. Values, health perception The family does not visit the primary care office for visits other than what is absolute necessary. The family has not had health insurance for over 10 years. The youngest child is covered under the mothers insurance. The youngest child visits the doctor’s office as needed and for annual physicals. The older son is underweight and has difficulty gaining weight, he does not visit the doctor and treats his allergy and sinus problems with over the counter products. The father goes to the doctors every 3 months for hypertension follow-up. He is prescribed 3 separate medications for hypertension. Today his blood pressure was 134/106. The father is suffering from
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