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Career Genogram Career genogram is to explore family influences on the client’s career identity. Based on the genogram that I have made, it shows my family from third generation. Start with my grandparents from my father’s side and grandparents from my mother’s side. Let’s start with my grandparents from my father’s side. My grandfather’s name is Hamzah. He passed away three years ago. As I know, my grandfather was a soldier when he was young. He retired when his age reached 50. My grandmother’s name is Siti Safiah. When she was young, she works a lot. She opens a restaurant and she also does some business to support her family. My grandmother is such a hardworking woman. She never complaint about being tired of working even she have to take care of her eleven child. They have eleven child, my father is the 7th out of eleven siblings. The eldest name is Siti Khatijah and she is a widower. She lives with my grandmother because she is not working and she has one disabled son, named Ali. Second is Amir. I do not know what he is doing either he is working or not because as I can see, he is such a lazy person. Luckily he only has one son, named Azri and he is 12 years old. His wife also does not work, so I do not know how they find money to support their live. Third is Seli and he still single. He is a technician. Fourth is Jali and he is a fisherman. He has five children if I am not mistaken. Even though he is not rich but he managed to support his family because he is really hardworking person. But what we can aspect from a fishermen, he only managed to give his family money to buy food but not a big house and so on. The fifth is Ana, she is a clerk. She has five children and her husband is a clerk too. Now it comes to the sixth, named Ghafar. He is the only uncle that I really proud to have him as my uncle because he is very cleaver. He studied overseas when

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