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Marine, Father, Hero Growing up is certainly difficult. Having to maintain a full time job to pay for rent and luxuries can certainly be time consuming. When I pile a full time course schedule on top of that, the pressure can easily be overwhelming. I do not believe that I would be so prepared for the real world if had not been for the influence and hard work displayed by my parents. My father in particular was the most positive influence on my life, showing his undying affection for my family through his stern demeanor. It’s my father’s hard nosed yet loving approach and ability to risk anything for his family, that makes him my hero to this day. I think most people can remember the first time one of their parents sat them down on their…show more content…
That is not my father at all. My father, at heart, is the kindest man I have ever come across in my entire life. With a heart as big as the sun in the sky, my father would be there for you in a pinch if you ever needed something. I can point to one specific situation where my father showed that he would go above and beyond for his family. I owned a toy G.I. Joe that had a built in battery system so when you pressed the button, it was say something that mimicked the character from the television show. This particular G.I. Joe was the evil Cobra Commander. His catchphrase of “I’m coming to get you!” was a mainstay of my generation. At a young age, I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, so I decided to take the toy into the bathtub with me that night, unknowingly to my mother and sister, of course. Later on, my family is down in the living room watching television when all of a sudden the Cobra Commander’s famous catchphrase can be heard from upstairs in my room with nobody up there. With my mother having an absolute panic attack, she called my father, who just so happened to be working the graveyard shift at Woodhaven Foods. Frantically, she explained the situation to my dad. I swore I could have heard a sonic boom because just like that, my father was home faster than

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