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Benjamin Banneker is considered to be one of the most successful leaders in science. Today, Benjamin Banneker is considered to be one of Americas greatest leaders. Throughout his life, Banneker has learned many skills that prepared him to be a great leader in science. His influence is still felt to this day. There is a great deal of debate concerning the birth date of Benjamin Banneker. Some records say his birth date is November 9, 1731 in Baltimore County, Maryland. While others say his birth date it November 15, 1732, in Baltimore County, Maryland. His parents were Robert and Mary Banneky. As a younger child his parents made Banneker work on their family farm. Since Banneker had no brothers, and his sisters could no work on the farm he had to work all by himself. Records say he made it fun working all by himself by counting whenever he did something right, counting how much he picked that day, and also by doing ore work than what he was told to do that day. He helped with the surveying Banneker was the only boy of four children, so he had no one to work with in the fields. Banneker’s grandmother was Molly Banneky, a freed slave who served her seven years. She had some slaves when she freed them she married one of them that was known as Banna Ka later Banneky. His mother was Mary Bannekey who also had bought some slaves. Also like her mother she freed her slaves. What she freed them she married one of them whose name was Robert. After they had married they had four children, one of which was Benjamin Banneker. As a child he started to show leadership qualities when he was working in the fields. Since nobody was there to help him or lead him around his family counted on him to do the job right and get it done, that is what he did and that is why his family trusted him. It seems as if Banneker’s family was very supportive of him because Banneker could not work

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