Comparing John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

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Jeffrey ou Period 6 Ms Roberts 4/16/12 Chapter 1 1) Why did Lenny have a dead mouse in his hand? 1. He wanted to scare George 2. He wanted to pet it. 3. He wanted to eat it. 4. Cause it was cute. 2) Why did Lenny and George argue 1. Cause Lenny wanted ketcup 2. Cause Lenny wanted the mouse 3. Cause George wanted to act tough 4. They did it for the fun of it. Chapter 2 3) Why did George do all the speaking for Lenny 1. Cause Lenny is too dumb 2. Cause George wanted Lenny money 3. Lenny can’t speak. 4. Lenny may say say something dumb 4) Why did George got angry at Lenny for staring at curly’s wife. 1. Because Curly gonna get angry. 2. Because if Lenny is caught by curly they are gonna get canned. 3. Cause George want her for himself 4. To look mature Chapter 3 5) Why did George and Lenny got kicked out of Weed? 1. Because it was boring there. 2. Because Lenny touched a girl’s dress 3. Because they got chased out. 4.…show more content…
George had been raised with Lenny and had always been his caretaker. He had watched out for Lenny and sometimes been cruel to him. The responsibility of caring for Lenny had been overwhelming for George. However, they also had each other. The type of work that they did usually led to a relatively isolated life as men moved from one farm to another. Relationships that formed were often evolved around drinking buddies and then moving on to find additional work. Lenny and George had each other. They knew the good and the bad about one another and accepted each other. They kept a dream alive for each other. This made them different from the other field hands in a positive

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