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Creation Myth: Where did the rain come from? Not many people lived on the island of Kauai. Tyson and his mother made two of the few. Tyson was a very lonely child missing a piece of his life. When he was just an infant, his father was out searching for food to keep his family nurtured, and he never returned to his home. Tyson’s mother seems to think that he was run over by buffalo, but no one knows for sure. It is bad enough that Tyson is an only child, but he has practically lived his life without a father figure. Ever since Tyson has been old enough to fend for his mother and himself, he has taken responsibility as the “man of the family”. He cries himself to sleep each and every night because he has no one to look up to in his life. Tyson thinks quite a lot of his mother and she is very special to him, but she is just not the masculine strength that he needs. His mother is always reassuring him that he is a handsome, young man and will one day find a companion. That is truly the least of Tyson’s concerns when he has a mother to look after and provide for. The only companion that he really wants is his father so that he can teach him how to hunt properly. It rains every night on the island of Kauai; it does not stop. Growing…show more content…
There are not many people on the island, so he wonders what child the angel sees upset or hurt. Finally, a few days later it struck him. He realizes that he longs for his father each day and the angel is the only one who can see that. Tyson truly dislikes the rain and is in complete shock that he is the reason for it. He wants to be happy, but his father is still not there. A few weeks later Tyson decides that his mother has been there for him and supported him as best as she could and he really appreciates that. He understands that he can live just as happily with his mother. Tyson has finally cheered up and that night when he went to sleep there was

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