My Dysfunctional Family Is What It Was

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The word family means to me a unit working together in love. My dysfunctional family is what it was but we are working on change to break these generational curses. With that being said, my immediate family is working on it because this is not how I was raised. You want to know things about my family. I’ll tell you: How the male and female roles changed or remained constant over the generation. How my family system organized itself in response to significant life events such as deaths. How certain behavior patterns developed on the basis of a family member’s sibling position. Who I’m most like in my family system and whom I’m most unlike. I’ll even tell you the recurring issues within my family. All I can say is I’m still here for a reason. I made it, this far. Nobody but GOD did it. I’ll just start out by saying I have a very large family. I’m one of eleven children between Joseph Watson and Dorothy Pannell (they never married). Neither one of their mothers were married when they were born in the early 50s. My mom and dad both were the oldest of their siblings. They never married but cohabitated for twenty years until the death of my dad in December 1992. At which time the eldest child was twenty and the youngest was four. I was eighteen and pregnant, due in a couple weeks with their first grandchild. I just had to set the stage before I answer your questions. As far as, the roles the males and females had in my mom generation was traditional. Since they were both the eldest they had responsibilities early. Like chores around the house and helping out with their siblings. The males were very agentic and the females were communal. The females allowed domestic violence, addictions, and illegitimate children among other things. Then the females started to get aggressive and things began to change. In my generation we had to do the same things but

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