Friedman Family Assesment

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Friedman Family Assessment Emilio Chavez NUR/405 April 28, 2011 Henrietta Nwamu, MSN/Ed, RN, PHN Friedman Family Assessment Family Profile The Family I have chosen is of Hispanic origin what they call a nuclear family type, married couple with 2 children. Father JG age of 35 and mother age MG of 32. Older son LG is 7 years old and younger one JG is 5 years old. Husband younger brother MG also resides at home and is also a Mexican born resident. Religion preference is Catholic. Spanish is primary language in the household. Father is a self-employed gardener since his been in the states for about 10 years and mother is a stay at home mom and has never worked. Husband expresses interest in soccer and baseball but does not participate in sports or other forms of hobbies, enjoys spending time with friends and family. Both children express interest in soccer and video games. Health Orientation Youngest child has been the only one with serious medical problems. Has been in and out of doctor visits for asthma attacks. Older brother is in good health while both Mother and Father consider themselves free of health problems. They deny having diabetes, hypertension or any chronic conditions as of now. Their goal is simple to be free of any disease and chronic condition as long as possible. Family Structure In a typical 1st generation Hispanic family, father is self-employed as gardener and provides for the family while mother stays home and cooks, cleans and takes care of both children. Younger brother Family values in America are much higher here; both parents don’t have education but want more for their two children. Main reason to immigrating to the U.S is to have a family and give them a better opportunity for them. They want optimal health and have a strong catholic belief. Father is a very strong worker and provides the primary needs, such as

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