Freedom Riders Essay

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Freedom Riders Essay In the freedom riders movie it shows and explains how badly “Negros” was treated. The main goals and itinerary of the CORE freedom riders were to move the movement into the Deep South no matter how much beatings they would go through. At the time in the beginning President Kennedy didn’t seem to care about the movement because of the civil rights movement going on at the time. In the movie there was a quote that said “no right black person had that a white person had to respect” that quote actually came from the Supreme Court. A lady names Sangrenetta Gilbert Bush was a Montgomery resident and her father wanted a cup a coffee to start off his day, they simply said you have to go through the back to get your cup of coffee. He went to the back with no harm and then the waitress said I’m sorry but we don’t give coffee to Negros and they pushed him out the door. They said they were simple blind to the reality of racism. They didn’t really pay attention to it, they were blind to the black and they never realized it until the freedom riders movement. Without Irene Morgan the movement would have never started; she refused to give up her seat on a bus in Glosser County Virginia. She took her case to the Supreme Court. In the first session of the freedom riders only one bus out of two made it to Birmingham, Alabama. Martin Luther King Jr. warned them that he overheard that they will have a surprise welcoming for them there, they took that into consideration but they continued their journey anyways. Sure enough, when the first bus got to Montgomery, they got their surprise welcoming from the white males there. About 200 white males swarmed the bus caring gasoline cans, pitch forks, baseball bats and balls. Of course they were scared to death at the moment but the riders got out of there. They continued their journey until a cart cut off the bus and
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