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“Fugitive Slave Act” www.history.com/topics/fugitive-slave-acts Washington, George “Fugitive Slave Act of 1793” Feb. 12, 1793 United States Congress, “Fugitive Slave Act of 1850””Bloodhood Law” Sept. 18, 1850 Close your eyes and picture yourself as a slave. You own nothing. Your whole life belongs to someone else. You own nothing and have nothing. You spend six days a week working in the fields of your owner’s farm. You were born a slave and have never known any difference. Everyone you know of the same color skin is all slaves so you can’t imagine having freedom. Freedom may only be a dream to you. Now you have heard stories about escaping and becoming free. Freedom has now become a word that could also mean death. Escaping to the North is a dangerous and hard journey but worth the attempt. So would you bother to try to be free? The Underground Railroad by no means was a tunnel or even a railroad. The name came from a…show more content…
Some were even offered bonuses. What was interesting to me is that Vermont refused to help the Federal government and President Fillmore threatened to use the army to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act. Nothing came out of this incident. The new law of 1850 left a very bitter taste in a lot of mouths. The author of these pages wanted us to focus our attention on all the hardship that African Americans had to endure whether slave or free. The author stayed to the facts of the Fugitive Slave Acts. I have picked this subject matter to write about because I can’t put myself in this time of history. Going to school in Ohio, we studied about Oberlin and Wellington. These two places helped a slave escape a federal marshal so he couldn’t return the slave back to the South. Upon doing so, thirty some people were in violation of the Fugitive Slave Law and only two were convicted and serve

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