Pride And Prejudice In Shirley Jackson's Life

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Pages 1-44 October 28, 1959-November 12, 1959 John decides to go from his comfortable life in Mansfield, Texas as a white man and turn into a black man. Many told him that he was crazy, including George Levitan who owns Sepia and Adelle Jackson who is the editorial director of Sepia, but he wanted to see the other side. With the help of a doctor, he darkens his skin. He shaves his head and plunges into the poor, Negro areas of New Orleans. He stays in gross hotels, eats very little, and cannot find a job even though he is educated. He helps out at is favorite shoeshine stand (from when he was white) with Sterling Williams and Joe. He rents a room from Mrs. Davis at her house next to the Negro YMCA in Dryades. He spends a lot of time at…show more content…
Negroes know that white men don’t hate them because they are them, but because they are a Negro. So it doesn’t make sense for a white man to get upset because Negroes hate him, it is because he is white. John has a bad experience on a bus; the driver won’t let him off at his stop. He believes that Negroes aren’t even second class citizens, but tenth class citizens. After the Parker Lynch Case, John decides to go to Mississippi. He gets the hate stare at the bus station. When he was on the bus, an annoying man named Christophe gets on the bus. John learns that the Negroes in Mississippi are friendlier because the white men are so mean. The Negroes on the bus warn John about Mississippi. However, there white men will provide services (ex. Taxi) for money. John becomes very afraid at night and calls his white friend PD East, who comes to the rescue. PD lives with his wife and daughter. He made his money off an article that was what the whites wanted to hear and became broke after changing it to a fair and honest article. PD is writing his autobiography called The Magnolia Jungle. PD brings him back to New Orleans and on the way they stop at Dillard University, a black college, and tell Dean Sam Gandy about his experiment. Then, he takes a bus to Biloxi where he saw beautiful white only beaches. He hitch-hikes to Mobile. More people are willing to pick him up at night, but few are respectful. The last man who picked him up…show more content…
He appears on a couple talk shows and his story travels quickly. Back in his hometown, a dummy of him (which was half black and half white) was hung in the center of the town, most likely by outsiders. He stays with his friends for a couple days, but it doesn’t seem right, so he returns home. At one point, he had received 6,000 letters and only nine of them where abusive. John and his family decided to move away and start over after his parents moved to Mexico. He hopes the Negroes don’t try to pay the whites back by Negro supremacy (fighting fire with

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