Similarities Between A Rose For Emily And Red Badge Of Courage

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The American Civil War of 1861-1865 separated a nation, and yet brought about its greatest changes—abolishment of slavery and equal rights for all Americans. The fight was between the Confederates of the South, who supported the expansion of slavery, and the Unionists of the North, who were against the bondage; the Unionists won. Furthermore, it is only natural for any war of any nation to have an impact on the different structures that make up its culture—one of these being Literature. Significant Realism works, such as A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner and Re Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane depict the Civil War in different aspects. Faulkner illustrates a post-war Southern society, while Crane has a young soldier show the firsthand emotions and events of the war itself. Both works, however, are unified as they give insight into the past and allow the reader to appreciate this through interesting and engaging plots. Death is a theme akin to both stories. Firstly, in Badge of Honor, Henry Fleming, the young soldier and protagonist of the plot, encounters many…show more content…
After the Civil War, many changes were made. The ones that relate to the story are the freedom of the blacks and tax raises due to inflation. Firstly, as Miss Emily was determined to ignore the new way of life in the South, she still had a black servant Toby, who is always seen “going in and out [of the house] with a market basket” (2, Faulkner). There are no indications that any other household had servants, as their freedom was a result of the Civil War; Only Miss Emily is mentioned to yet ‘have’ one. Secondly, when the Mayor tries to collect taxes from Miss Emily, she refuses and calls on Colonel Satoris to settle the matter, even though he has been dead for ten years already. As is evident, Miss Emily represents more of a resistance to change, rather than change itself. While everyone is moving on, she is stuck in time in her old

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