"Freedom" and its Relation to "Taming the Shrew"

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In the poem “Freedom” by James Kavanaugh, the fact that humans don’t want to be free due to the requirements of freedom is reflected in “Taming of The Shrew” through having the poem’s main points being compared to the events involving Katherine’s struggle for freedom and individuality. Kavanaugh is not giving freedom a negative image, but he is simply laying down how one needs to be in order to maintain freedom. An individual usually doesn’t “want freedom”, but rather “he only talks of it” because freedom requires certain qualities and has results that most would not want. The qualities because of this seem unfavorable, so the only thing men can do is talk about freedom. In terms of the requirements of freedom, man would rather “choose his slavery and pay it homage”. Man would rather accept their role in society and respect their role in society than to live through freedom’s requirements. The requirements of freedom are “silence, strength, the death of empty alliance, and an end to ego baths.” This says that one needs tobe quiet, but at the same time needs to have a stong soul because maintaining freedom is not easy. The best way to have freedom is to live through society’s response because of the difference between them and you. Also “empty alliances” refers to how when confrormed into a society, people are unified, but it is empty because there is no real meaning to the unity of society because peple want to be with other people. “An end to ego baths” says that once sineone is free, they will not have any gratitude in helping smeoneout because there will be no one with you to help, so therefore you won’t have the same ‘happy’ feeling. Referring to the results of being free, freedom “confronts loneliness and lives with it”. In other words, one will be lonely once they are in a state of freedom. There are also some positives to being free. Freedom”makes more of
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