Walter Black Psychology Essay

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Karla Isabelle Madamba EMC1 – Psychology A. Based on the story, describe the temperament and personality of the following characters: A1. Walter Black - Walter is a melancholic. Melancholics are known to be very creative and it is very evident in Walter. You can see how he came up with the new toy that helped his company be number 1 again. One negative part of being a melancholic is that they can get so involved in what they are doing they forget to think of other issues. And this is what happened to Walter. A2. Merideth Black - Merideth is a Sanguine but also showed a part of her as a Choleric. Despite of the things that are happening to their family, she remains positive about her husband’s condition. She welcomed him whole-heartedly…show more content…
It was evident that she was in the stage of denial. She kept brushing off the fact that his brother is dead. She could not seem to accept that she could not do anything for him to come back. She does not want to recall something terrible and unacceptable that has happened in her life or to his brother perhaps, that even when Porter was telling her about it, she still denies it and does not want to remember it. Most of the time, people repress things because they don’t want to get hurt. But the thing is, rejecting the past won’t do you any good. It is better to move forward and accept how things are. F. Why must there be a puppet? What was the defense mechanism shown by Walter Black? Was he out of reality using the puppet? Why or why not? - He was using the puppet as a way of coping up with his depression. He didn’t want to deal with things, so he lets the Beaver take over his life. He was not denying himself because when he was being interviewed, he tells everyone that he is not well. But yes, he was out of reality because he didn’t want to deal with things, so he lets someone else deal with it. He had two personalities in the movie and in fact, most of the time, it was the beaver who talked. G. Explain the following
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