Frankenstein Compare and Contrast Paper

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November 20, 2011 Hartman/Period 3 Compare and Contrast Compare and Contrast Paper In both films of the oldest and newest version of Frankenstein there were many differences and similarities. These differences varied from the most important things about the novel to the smallest details. These differences and similarities between the films could be based on the time periods they came out. In the old version of Frankenstein, there were many differences from not only then newest versions but also the novel. The most important difference was that Henry and Victor were switched. Meaning Henry was married to Elizabeth and he created the monster. In this film Victor was not Elizabeth’s husband, however they did seem to have an affair, and he did not create the monster. Another difference between the two films was Henry has an assistant to help him create the horrific monster. The monster also looks more scary and original in this film (bolts in his neck) then in the other version of Frankenstein. Besides the creator and the creation of the monster the last difference between the films was Maria died by drowning in a lake by being thrown by Frankenstein. Besides the significant and minor differences between the two films there were similarities. One similarity is in the creation of Frankenstein the parts were made up of dead remains, weather stolen or not. Another similarity that was most noticeable to me was in both films Elizabeth either the wife of Victor or Henry was concerned about her husband. Also, both creators did not tell their wife about the creation at first they related this project as “business” and worked mostly out of the house weather in a gothic looking castle or a barn looking building. The last similarity was both Elizabeth and her husband were planned to be married and did care for each other. Even though, both films
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