Frankenstein Vs Pop Culture Essay

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Who is Frankenstein? Pop-culture Whenever someone says Frankenstein the first thing that comes to mind is usually a towering monster stitched together with pale skin. After asking some friends of mine to draw Frankenstein, most depicted him as a giant green zombie with a square head. We of course know that the true description of Frankenstein would be that of an ordinary young man. This is because Victor Frankenstein is not an 8 foot tall monster with bolts sticking out of his neck. I have always wondered why the people of today confuse who really is Frankenstein. When people think of Frankenstein the first thing that pops in their mind is the monster in Mary Shelley’s novel, not the man who created him. Why is this? One possible reason…show more content…
It is inevitable for the details to change as this happens with all story telling. But many adaptations miss main points of Shelley’s novel. There is certainly a horror aspect to Frankenstein but the original has much more depth to it than most of the retold versions. Most directors chose to ignore the important details to embellish the aspect of terror and fear. In the original Frankenstein the monster is sensitive and intelligent being but due to a sense of abandonment becomes biter and murderous. Many adaptations strip away his human qualities and made him appear as a terrifying killing machine such as the 1931 movie “Frankenstein” directed by James Whale. The first film adaptation was brought to the silver screen in 1910, however the most well known image of the monster from the 1931 film adaptation. Boris Karloff played the monster and his version has forever been the image we now know today. Multiple sequels and adaptations were made and many parodies such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, “Bride of Frankenstein”, and “Kyofu Densetsu: Furankenshutain (The Monster of Frankenstein).” Even people who have never seen or read an adaptation of Frankenstein would still likely share the general assumption of who Frankenstein is and what he looks like. This is because the big green monster who is incorrectly named Frankenstein has become an icon for the holiday of
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