Essay Comparing Frankenstein 'And Blade Runner'

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The multifaceted nature of humanity is revealed in both Mary Shelly’s novel Frankenstein as well as in Ridely Scott’s film blade runner. Despite the dissimilarity in time between the two, both texts essentially mirror each other, in effectively delving into the themes in which society was faced with. Together, both Ridley Scott and Mary shelly explore the repercussions that could come of growing scientific advancements that consequently slowly destroyed any concept of nature through out the 19th century, which brought about a rebellion against the concept of romanticism throughout that era. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein unambiguously investigates the sublime in nature. Throughout Shelly’s era the notion of romanticism was highly influential…show more content…
The “Green movement” at the time was a rebellion against any scientific advancement which would have endangered the future of the environment or destroy it further than it had already been. The didactic style of blade runner explores this fear further; this is seen through the use of artificial eyes. This suggests the false wisdom of humanity. Whilst Shelly’s novel indicates a fear of the future, it still consisted of nature. However, Blade runner has very limited amounts of nature and shows a industrialized and scientifically advanced society thus the distinctive differences between Frankenstein and blade runner reveal more about the connections between them. Fears in society will always alter as time progresses however. This idea is further exemplified through the symbolism of Tyrell’s oversized glasses. The fear that humanity is blind toward the danger of the ultimate extinction of any form of nature is expressed in Shelley’s novel thus blade runner mimics the fear and effectively becomes a warning toward this issue. Hence forth, both texts effectively delve into the negative connotations that could come of the obsessive pursuit of
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