Comparing Frankenstein 'And Blade Runner'

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Mary Shelley’s gothic novel ‘Frankenstein, and Ridley Scott’s noir film ‘Blade Runner’ explore similar issues in complete different settings. On the surface these texts seem vastly different because of the large gap in time setting but in hindsight the audience is able to recognize that despite the difference in context both texts present the same problems regarding changing values and ethics in society and the role of playing-God in the characters of Victor Frankenstein and Tyrell. One of the aspects that Mary Shelley’s novel ‘Frankenstein’ explores is the concept of hubris in the main character Victor Frankenstein; hubris can be defined as excessive pride, self-confidence and defiance towards God that ultimately leads to the demise of the individual. This is shown through…show more content…
In the novel Frankenstein we see Victor’s technological ambition turn into repulsion as the creation of the monster help him realize the magnitude of his mistakes. “The beauty of my dream vanished, breathless horror and disgust filled my heart”, this shows that Victor was blinded by his ambition and by giving up morality and using technology for his own selfish needs he was not able to foresee the inevitable horrid consequences. On the other hand in Blade Runner the ethical issues of science and technologies are not only portrayed through the creation of the replicants but also by the destruction of nature and its environments. During the beginning of the movie a camera shot from above shows a dark, industrialized city filled with fiery explosions while ominous music is played in the background, the image of the city and non-dijectic sounds portray and emphasise how society has lost sight of what really matters and no longer prioritize
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