Ford Motor Multinational Company

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Ford Motor Company The year was 1896 when it all began as Henry Ford rode along the streets of Detroit in his first version of an automobile. This automobile had a two-cylinder engine and was only suited for one occupant. Ford began making these automobiles for sale upon receiving orders. This early success led to the formation of the Ford Motor Company in 1903. With only eleven men, the Ford Motor Company was only able to produce three cars per day. Later in 1908 Ford developed the famous Model T and with expansion on Henry Ford’s mind he turned his production procedure into a moving assembly line. This move played a vital role on the Ford Motor Company’s major success. The assembly line not only greatly increased their daily output but it also cut costs on shipping and supply expenses. The production of the assembly line gave the Ford Motor Company a huge advantage in succeeding in the U.S. market. Within ten years of producing the Model T, in 1923 it made up nearly half of all cars sold in the United States. For the time being Ford was the largest and one of the few automobile producers at the time therefore having very little competition which allowed it to flourish. Ford Motor Company eventually grew so large to establish itself as the worlds largest automobile producer. Businessmen came to Detroit from all over the world to see the operation for themselves and to try and take Ford’s methods to use themselves. Currently the Ford Motor Company is considered the fourth largest automobile producer. with 108 plants world wide and 300,000 employees. Ford had a revenue of 146.3 billion in 2008 which was a decrease from 2007. The numbers keep continuing to plummet due to the recent economic deficit in America and earlier the gas purge in 2008. Ford along with GM and Chrysler were given 13.4 billion in government loans in order to prevent the

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