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Chevrolet, now just Chevy is a brand with a remarkable history. It all began in 1911, by an investor named William Durant. With one-hundred years of innovation and history Chevy is now imbedded in a lot of Americans lives. Going through battles with some of the toughest car brands including Ford and Toyota, Chevy still has come out on top. Americans comparing it to hot dogs and apple pie go unchallenged by anyone yet. In 1911 William Durant was having trouble selling to the bankers so he went to 3939 Grand River Avenue in Detroit to see Louis. William knew that Louis has always wanted to become an automobile designer so he added him to the team to design and build the first car. What William liked most about Louis was the fact that is last…show more content…
In 1918 the same year that Chevrolet became part of General motors they released the first truck. The truck was based on the Model 490 car frame. Six years later Chevrolet opened another plant in Copenhagen, Denmark; it was the first plant outside the U.S. and helps put Chevy on top of Ford selling over one million car and tucks. Back in the United States during the spring of 1929 the Chevrolet Six was released called “a six for the price of a four.” It was called that because the other companies offered a four-cylinder engine for the same price. In 1934 Chevy started to innovate even more introducing independent suspension on the 1935 model master series. In 1935 Chevy introduced a new type of car called the Suburban which is now the longest nameplate of a car. As the wars start Chevrolet stops making cars for the public to make military vehicles. They made vehicles like suv’s and tanks for the war effort. One of the most important things that they make is engines for airplanes and bombers. As soon as the war ends they begin production again with an all-new advance design pick-up trucks. These trucks would eventually become the design inspiration for the 2003-2006 Chevy…show more content…
Two years after that the all-new Chevy full-size pick-up truck since 1973 and it arrived with the newest thing an extended cab. Chevy launched a new ad based on the song “Like a Rock” by Bob Seger in 1991. Just one year later the millionth Corvette is completed. In 2009 Chevy had to declare bankruptcy because they failed to innovate and they weren’t selling enough cars. In 2009 Chevrolet came out with the 638-hp Corvette ZR1 which became the fastest and most powerful car in GM history. The Chevy Camaro is reborn after it was discontinued in 2002. After just four months it outsells the Ford Mustang. In 2011 the Chevy Volt, which was Chevys first electric car in history was debuted. Then on November 3, 2011 Chevrolet celebrates its 100th anniversary. Americans compare Chevy to hot dogs and apple pie every day and they still go unchallenged by anyone yet. Going through its toughest battles with Ford and Toyota and still come out on top. There innovation and just plain knowing what people want has helped them grow to the top. Chevrolet, now just Chevy is a brand with a remarkable history. Thanks to Louis Chevrolet and William Durant we now still have a completely American car

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