Henry Ford And The Automobile Chapter Analysis

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Jennifer Nichols Popular Culture 4/21/2011 Henry Ford and the automobile I chose to review the chapter, "Henry Ford: Symbol of an age." During this review I will be summarizing the main ideas of the chapter, relating back to what we learned in class, and giving you my own opinion. One of the main ideas of the chapter is showing how big Ford really was in the 1920's. The chapter starts out saying that there were few names better known during that time. In fact, college students ranked Ford the third greatest figure of all time, behind Napolean and Jesus Christ. "In 1892 he joined the Edison Company in Detroit as an engineer. (346) "By 1896 Ford had his automobile. (346) He created the model T and than realized he could build a car for the masses. By…show more content…
Another main idea of the chapter is how cars symbolized change. As the chapter states, "They upset familiar patterns of living, working, recreating, even thinking." (345) They were saying that the automobile provided portable bedrooms to have more sexual freedom. The automobile was basically the start of a new era. The automobile changed technology for a lifetime. It introduced the assembly line which led to mass production of cars. In 1921 there were one million cars produced. The last main idea in the chapter, at least in my opinion is how they talk about city vs. country living. Henry Ford came from a farming family. In Ford's opinion cities are highly overrated, they do not have as much importance as people think. "Early in the 1920's the Dearborn Independent editorialized: When we all stand up and sing, My County Tis of Thee, we seldom think of the city." (348) They say the real United States lies outside the cities. Ford believed that roads were a way for the average american to come into contact with nature. Basically, they state that the country life style is the more american, good paced, non currupt way to go. The next thing I am going to talk about is what we discussed on the automobile in

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