Fly Girl Essay

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Flygirl In the book Flygirl by Sherri L. Smith, a girl Ida Mae Jones was born to fly. After her father, who passed away, taught her to fly she never wanted to be on the ground. Once her older brother, Thomas, goes off to war she decides to help with the war effort and become a WASP, Women Airforce Service Pilot. Theres only one problem, they don't accept black people. Luckily, he skin is fair enough to where she can pass off as a white. Little does she know about the troubles that await her. There are many characters in this story, the main one being Ida Mae Jones, Jonsey as her fellow WASP call her. She is a young black girl who helps out her mother by cleaning houses with her best friend, Jolene. Once she gets to Sweetwater, Texas to train to fly she meets Lily and Patsy. Lily is a quiet girl, who doesnt fit in with the crowd. Patsy is a outgoing girl who takes life by the horns. The three of them face training together and overcome obstacles. Sadly, during a test Patsy's plane malfunctions and is killed. After a year of training together, Lily ends up getting married and pregant and is forced to leave. Ida Mae, against her mothers wishes, goes off to join the WASP. A airforce for all girls. She is desprate to fly and help in the war so she pretends to be while in order to stay in the WASP. Her mother is extremely dissapointed in her for being someone she isn't. Thankfully no one realizes that she is lying about where she comes from. She eventually graduated from the WASP and is moved to another base where she trains some more. During her army career, Ida is moved around for base to base alot. She is orginally from New Orleans and moves out to Texas to start her training. After she graduates she is moved to California, where she tests out new planes for the army. When the war ends she is in Flordia. This story takes place during World War 1. It begins in
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