The Compass And Torch Rhetorical Analysis

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The Darkness Out There The darkness out there is about two young people, Sandra and Kerry, who go to help Mrs. Rutter (an old lady) with her housework. Mrs Rutter tells them a story about something she did in the war and they are shocked by this and leave. The story was during the Second World War a German aeroplane was shot down and crashed in the wood. Mrs. Rutter and her sister were the first people on the scene. They saw that one of the crew was still alive, but trapped in the aircraft. They left him and returned the next night, knowing that he was dying in agony. Mrs. Rutter is not ashamed of what she did, and explains it in terms of strict revenge, for the death of her husband, who was killed in Belgium at the start of the war. Sandra and Kerry are both shocked, but it is Kerry who is first to leave her house and then speaks of what a horrible women Mrs. Rutter is. This shows that on the outside someone may look helpless and kind, but they can be capable of the cruellest of things possible, like Mrs. Rutter. The story shows the contrast between appearance and reality, how things seem and how things are. Compass and Torch The Compass and Torch is a fiction, short story and is written by Elizabeth Baines.…show more content…
For whatever reason, the father decides to visit his son for the first time in four months. It is decided that they go on a camping trip together; however, the ending is quite a riddle and it is not exactly clear what happens. There are a lot of metaphorical techniques to make your mind up on such as; ‘Two torches are for lighting a bigger space in the wilderness, for lighting it together. Two torches are for father and son to back each other up.’ This metaphor means that they both have something in common. It's making the relationship more

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