Five Stages Of Aerobic Respiration

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Respiration is a series of biochemical pathways that take place in order to create the ATP needed for an organism to survive. ATP is created by either oxidation or reduction reactions depending on what type of respiration process is taking place. An oxidation reaction is when the biochemical pathway has to lose electrons, while in reduction reactions gain electrons to create ATP (Notes, 9/30/15). Aerobic respiration is a biochemical pathways that creates ATP through a series of oxidation reactions. In this type of process, the electron acceptor that would be used is NAD+ and the final electron acceptor has to be oxygen. Oxygen has to be the final electron acceptor since it accepts the electrons that come from the organic compounds eukaryotes…show more content…
In order for aerobic respiration to occur, the 5 stages that have to take place are glycolysis, oxidation of pyruvate, Krebs’s cycle, electron transport chain, and chemiosmosis (Notes, 10/5/15). Glycolysis is the splitting down of the sugar molecules into 2 3-carbon molecules. The reactants for this process are the sugar molecule, 2 ATP, 2NAD+, and 4 ADP+Pi. This is the first stage of this cellular process in which takes place in the cytoplasm and it has to occur in order to generate ATP from the substrate level phosphorylation. The products of this stage are passed down into the next stages. The 2 molecules of pyruvate are passed down to the oxidation of pyruvate, and NADH will be used for the electron transport chain. The rest of the products, 4 ATP, ADP, and P, are used where needed in the cell. After glycolysis occurs, oxidation of pyruvate takes places in the mitochondrial matrix. During this stage,…show more content…
It usually takes place in the leaf and it is used by plants to create sugar from sunlight. Eukaryotic cells within the plant are able to do this type of process by capturing light energy from the sunlight through the use of pigments and converting it into chemical energy. Without the sunlight this process and its stages wouldn’t be able to function properly to create sugar due to it being a light-dependent reaction. Photosynthesis has to take place due to the fact that it helps eukaryotes survive. During this cellular process, oxygen is released in the form of waste in to the atmosphere which is what organisms have to breathe in order to

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