Chapter 4 Biology Answer Key Essay

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Biology Chapter 4- Study Guide- NAME: _________________________________________Perid___________ 1. What type of energy do all cells have? 2. What best describes the function of the ATP molecule? ___________ energy 3. Where does the chemical energy to produce ATP come from ? 4. Energy is released from an ATP molecule for cellular processes when it 5. What is the source of energy used in chemosynthesis? 6. Chloroplasts _______________ sunlight and ____________ chemical energy. 7. Describe a producer. 8. The main light-absorbing molecules found in plant leaves are called 9. That is the purpose of the light dependent process? 10. What do the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis need? 11. What…show more content…
What provides the electron transport chain in cellular respiration with the energy it needs to function? 15. __________________________________________ (a process) Carbon-based molecules from food and oxygen are used to make ATP 16.What are the products of glycolysis? 17. Describe fermentation. 18. Which end product of fermentation causes the burning feeling in muscles that are working hard? 19. Why does a runner breathe hard for a few minutes after finishing a race? 20. What molecule carries chemical energy that cells use for their functions? 21. What molecules found in the food we eat is most commonly broken down to make ATP? 22. What is the end product of alcoholic fermentation is important in the baking industry? 23. Label the following diagram. Be sure to include where the light dependent and light independent take place. 24. What are the reactant in photosynthesis? 25. Where in plant cells are the energy-absorbing molecules for photosynthesis located? 26. The part of cellular respiration that needs oxygen takes place inside the 27. Write the chemical formula for photosynthesis. Be sure to include which are reactants and

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