First Peoples - Chapter 2 Questions for Consideration

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First Peoples - Chapter 2 questions for consideration The motive of the Spanish empire for coming to and remaining in the “New World” is described best in our text book as “a mission for gold and god.” Spain found that the “New World” was fertile land and rich in mineral resources. They saw it as an opportunity for expanding their empire and generating wealth very rapidly. Spain also believed that they had a “divine and royal mandate” to convert the native people to Catholicism. This was of course accomplished by force. The conquistadors would read a document, when encountering native people, called the “Requerimiento.” This document, read only in Spanish and not understood by the natives, required Indians to be subject to the church and acknowledge it as a superior ruler of the entire world. The common belief among the Native Americans on land ownership was that the land was their life. No person could own it. The land was for the use of the community and all people. Spain on the other hand felt that the native people were not using the land to it's full potential. It was their obligation to put the land to better use. Through the generations of colonization and invasion, both the Spanish Empire and the native people met several ups and downs. Spain initially conquered many of the Natives such as the Aztecs and the Pueblos. Eventually the Pueblos blamed the Spanish for their hardships and misfortunes because of the fact that the Spanish had, in a sense, outlawed their ancient rituals and ceremonies. The Pueblos began to practice their ancient rituals. This was met with great oppression from the Spanish. They hanged three Pueblo religious leaders and whipped many others. This eventually led to a synchronized revolt against Spain. The Spanish introduced many things into the Americas that drastically changed the culture. The first was

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