Hypocrisy: Securing Power In The New World

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Securing Power in the New World It is essential to recognize that from the moment Columbus and his sailors first set foot on the Bahama’s Island, carrying shiny weapons and pretending to be friendly to the Arawaks, their goals were not to maintain peace but to extract as many resources for their own power and wealth. They exerted power with weapons, horses, lies, hypocrisy, deception and ultimately the death of anyone who did not comply to their demands or accept their beliefs. As disconcerting as that knowledge might be, it can not be disputed that this was their ultimate goal and the goal of any settlers that came after Columbus. The idea that power needed to be placed over colonized people from the beginning to ensure the inequality…show more content…
One of those things was to take complete control of all the land. They continued to expand their land into areas that were still inhabited by Indians. For a while, Englishmen tried soft tactics, but since Indians were not willing to give up their lands easily, the answer became annihilation. Englishmen’s views concluded that Indians were savages, and they had no right to own or exist on lands that God had given to the white men. Indians throughout were forced to surrender their lands, and although they put up resistance, it was not enough to stop settlers’ expansion and the Indian’s lands were violently taken, and many were killed in the process. “Behind the English invasion and their massacre of Indians, their deception, their brutality was that special powerful drive born in civilizations based on private property. ...the need for space, for land, was a real human need. ..this human need was transformed into the murder of whole peoples.”(Zinn, pg. 16, A People’s History Of the United States) Wealth and fortune was measured by the amount of land a white man had ; therefore, acquiring land by exerting power with lies and deception was the goal of any settler who wanted to be perceived as a prosperous wealthy man. If whole civilizations of people had to die in order for their goal to be accomplished, than so be it. In addition to taking land was the idea of race and slavery. Although the wealthy white elite believed that they were chosen people, destined to dominate others and felt they were much smarter and far more superior than Indians, they were frustrated at their ineptitude to take care of themselves in the new lands, like the Indians were able to do. They understood that in order to survive and continue to expand their wealth, black slaves were the answer. Millions of blacks were brought from Africa to work as
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