First Driving Experience

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Driving Experience Learning a new skill can be a challenging and exciting experience. I decided to learn to drive after I came to the united state because I feel that will be more convenience to work and school. I have never driven in my native country so I was so exciting to learn about it. After I took the written test to get a learner's permit, my uncle had been taught me on the weekend for one month. I learned all the parking skills, driving skills and the ability of handle emergency before I took the driving test. We went to the island which next to the Bay Bridge to practice. That is a quiet and spacious place to practice driving so that I could learn without fear. Learning to drive was an exciting and challenging experience for me. First of all, my first class to drive is go forward a horizontal line, at the beginning I was thinking that would be an easy job, but I realized I was wrong very soon. I always tend to the left side when I go forward a horizontal line, it was danger when I were driving at outside. I was so scare to drive while there r some cars coming in the opposite side line. My uncle let me set up a spot on the front window to determine that the car will not go out boundaries. This method is good. My driving skill got much better than before. The second obstacle thing is parking. I am feel comfortable to park in the flat place, but I feel nervous to park at the upside hill or down side hill, it is hard to control, I need to push the brake hardly and then park the car slowly. It usually takes me 20 mins to do it. I know the only way I can do is practice more on it. As same as the practice of horizontal line, I find a point at the back window too. The most obstacle thing is driving on the freeway when I was driving on the freeway. I am so scary about it because I felt the cars speed on the freeway r so fast. My hands were shaking and always

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