Child Observation Essay

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Remembering Essay I remember many things from my childhood some are good and some are bad but this particular memory was a good one. A memory almost every child gets to experience at least one point and time in their lives. Learning to ride a bike is always a new and fun experience, defiantly one I won’t forget. It was a bright and warm summer afternoon. The kids in my neighborhood were out running around and playing games whiles I was outside in the back yard jumping on the trampoline. I was an only child so I didn’t have any brothers or sisters to play with so I had to keep myself busy for the most part. A few months back my parents had bought me a really pretty bright pink princess bike for my birthday, I was so excited at the time I road it everywhere I went. Then after a while I started feeling like a little kid because I still had training wheels on and everyone else in my neighborhood didn’t, so I quit riding it because I wasn’t ready at the time to take the training wheels off. I was determined to learn to ride that bike that summer without any training wheels. The feeling of doings something like that for the first time is a bit scary but I was excited! I had seen my dad put my training wheels on so I figured I could take them off, I wanted to surprise mom and dad with me teaching myself how to ride a bike all on my own. Once I got the training wheels off with a little help from grandpa I was set. As soon as I got on it i feel right down before, I could even started to pedal, it made me feel discourage but I was determined, so, I wasn’t going to give up. I kept trying and trying but I just couldn’t get myself to balance finally I gave up for the night and went inside. The next morning I tried and tried again and still wasn’t getting anywhere so finally I asked for help. Dad came outside and was more than happy to help, in fact he was going to
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