The Day I Got My Drivers License

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My life made a great change on October 30, 2007. It was a warm October day, I didn’t even need a jacket or hoody to walk to school in. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. It was almost as if God made this day perfect just for me. And on this beautiful day I got one step closer to becoming a man because I took my driver’s test, and I passed. I can remember everything like it was yesterday. It was Tuesday the day before Halloween. I woke up to get ready for school with one thing and one thing only on my mind, would I pass or fail my driver’s test. I went to school and I can remember being so anxious to get out of school to achieve this goal that long awaited me, but the school day seemed endless. While I was there I figured that I should make the most of it, so I had fun telling everyone that I was going to take my test that day. I went up to people that I didn’t even know saying “guess what,” they of course would say “what,” like any normal person would, so then I would yell “ I’m going to take my driver’s test today!” Most of them said “I hope you don’t fail,” and the others said “congrats.” Doing this still didn’t help the time aspect of the day. I couldn’t even focus in any of my classes. I felt like a crazy person because I sat there talking to myself like I had another personality or something. It was actually kind of ridiculous how I acted now that I actually look back on it, but who cares I was really excited. Anyways, school finally ended, but I still had to go to track practice. I hated practicing, but I hated it even more on this particular day because it seemed like it would last until I died. I tried to make it go faster by not finishing some parts of the workouts and by rushing through them, but this just didn’t help. The weirdest part about this practice was that we actually got out early for the first time all year, but it didn’t seem

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